Data Recovery Tips

Data recovery becomes necessary when your hard drive, memory card or USB flash card fail, and you have no backup available.

Before attempting the recovery of your data, you must  (more…)

How to Choose an External Hard Drive for Backup

When you’re buying a hard drive for back up purposes, you have to make sure you buy one that’ll plug in to what ever you have on your computer. In this case, we have two Unisys B2O ports Luckily, most removable hard drives, external hard drives, they’ll have all the ports on the back.  (more…)

How to Partition an External Hard Drive

So, why would you want to partition an external hard drive? Well, the reason you would want to do it is. if you only had one external hard drive that you want to use for your time machine but you also want to store some files on it. (more…)